What I express below is a particular vision built over 38 years of life, of successes and mistakes, of learning and unlearning, of creating and destroying.


Obviously there will be disagreements and questionable positions, there are very few absolute things in life, the only thing I recognize as absolute and irreparable is death.




  • I never forget that I am only human.
  • I recognize others as Human.
  • I enjoy the simple and pay attention to what sometimes seems imperceptible.
  • I live life with poetry.
  • Always looking for the balance between reason and passions,
  • I value concept as well as form.
  • I find nature surprising.
  • Creativity is constantly evolving, always experimenting.
  • I treat objects as works of art.
  • I keep my eyes open, the object of inspiration is everywhere.
  • Nothing is new.
  • To create you have to destroy.
  • The perpetual state of anarchy is constant self-evaluation.
  • Any absolute stance that does not speak of struggles against human injustice is indoctrinating to me.
  • I remain self-taught as I do not believe in academia.
  • Being a marketing difference I do not recognize the line between design and art.
  • Creation keeps me immersed in this reality.


Things, as well as thoughts, postures and existence are not perpetual, they are always in constant evolution, like this manifesto, it is not finished or absolute, it is only based on today.


Fabian Pelayo